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The Wake Forest University School of Law strives to enroll a highly qualified student body with demonstrated academic potential for success in law school and the legal profession along with the diversity of perspective and experience found in a modern society. In selecting a class, our admissions committee considers each applicant’s highest LSAT score and undergraduate transcript as well as exceptional personal talents, work experience, community service, leadership potential, graduate study, maturity and a history of overcoming economic or social hardship.

Applications are considered continuously throughout the admissions season in roughly the order that they are completed. Some applications receive an immediate decision; others are held for further review. We make every effort to announce our decisions within a reasonable amount of time. You can also check your application status online.

JD Dual Degree Transfer Visitor
Take the LSAT X X
Register with Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS) X X
Complete Application online online online online
Follow Guidelines for Application to Secondary Degree Program X
Forward LSDAS report X
Submit transcript X
Submit letter of good standing X X
Visit Us X X X X
Application Deadline March 15 March 15 July 1 July 1

Deposit Deadlines

Scholarship Non-Scholarship Amount
First Enrollment Deposit Deadline April 5 April 5 $500*
Final Enrollment Deposit Deadline June 12 June 12 $500*

*All deposits are non-refundable. Please make checks payable to Wake Forest University and mail to: WFU Law School Admissions, Box 7206, Winston-Salem, NC 27109.

You also can pay online by e-check at Choose the ‘Guest Login’ on the right side of the screen.  On the next screen you will enter your student ID number (will be sent before first deposit deadline).  On the next screen, choose the ‘WFU Tuition Deposit’ box at the bottom of the screen.

Accepted international students can pay their tuition deposits by international wire transfers via peerTransfer to WFU. peerTransfer is highly recommended and is Wake Forest University’s preferred method of payment for international students. Additional options are available for international students.  Please email us if you choose to use one of these options.