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Transfer Students

Interested in transferring to Wake Forest law school? The Office of Admissions welcomes transfer students each year for the JD degree program.

Most successful transfer students are in the top of their law school class. We consider all of the information in your file, but we pay, particular attention to your performance in the first year of law school.

In order to be eligible for admission as a transfer student, you must be a student in good standing at another law school. The law school must be accredited by the ABA. Wake Forest prefers that the law school also be a member of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS).

Application Requirements

Applicants applying for transfer admission must apply electronically via LSAC by submitting the regular Wake Forest Law application and selecting “Transfer and Visiting” within the Application Status section. You will also need to submit the following additional materials by our application deadline of August 1:

  • an official transcript of all courses taken during your first year of law school
  • a letter of good standing from the dean of your current law school or other appropriate official, written as of the end of your first year in law school, stating that you are a student in good academic standing and are eligible to return if you choose to do so
  • a statement of your rank in class as of the end of your first year in law school. If your law school does not rank students, please submit a statement of that policy from your registrar or academic dean
  • a letter of recommendation from a law school professor
  • an original copy of the CAS law school report sent to us directly from LSAC. Your CAS subscription fee is valid for five years, so you can update your file and request a copy of your report without re-registering for CAS
  • the official transcript from your undergraduate degree-granting institution

Decisions Regarding Transfer Applicants

We begin review of transfer applications as files are completed, and we notify applicants on a rolling basis as soon as we make decisions. We review an applicant’s entire file, with particular attention to performance in the first year of law school.

Financial Aid

Transfer students are fully eligible for loan funding. Applicants should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), designating the Wake Forest School of Law (FAFSA Code E00514) as a recipient of the Student Aid Report. Unfortunately, scholarship funds are not available for transfer students.