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Faces of Wake Forest Law

The faces of Wake Forest Law are friendly, welcoming and supportive of each other. Here you can view student profiles from a variety of our degree programs. In the words of former Student Bar Association President Joseph Greener (JD ’16), “Wake Forest Law has a vibrant student life because students enjoy being with each other, even outside of the classroom.”

Katie Barkley (JD ’17)

barley wp

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Jasmine Gregory (JD ’18)

Jasmine Gregory WP

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Madeline Joerg (JD ’16)

Name: Madeline Joerg

Madeline Joerg (JD '16)

Madeline Joerg (JD ’16)








Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y.

Why I chose Wake Forest Law: I discovered Wake Forest Law through my undergraduate professor, Christina Boyd (JD ’04), who also graduated from Wake Forest Law. She taught two of my undergraduate political science classes, judicial politics and introduction to constitutional law. She was one of my favorite professors at University at Buffalo The State University of New York (SUNY). Because of her passion for and knowledge of the subjects she taught, I felt that Wake Forest Law would be a good fit for me. Continue reading »

Elvira Nunez (JD ’17)

Name: Elvira Nunez

Elvira Nunez (JD '17)

Elvira Nunez (JD ’17)







Hometown: Lynn, Mass.

Why I chose Wake Forest Law: I chose to attend Wake Forest School of Law because of the atmosphere that I experienced when I visited. The school is very student-oriented and it is clear that the professors and faculty truly want every student to succeed. I was looking for precisely that type of environment after attending a small liberal arts college. Continue reading »

Candice Diah (JD ’17)

Name: Candice Diah

Candice Diah








Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

Why I chose Wake Forest Law: Wake Forest Law stands out as a law school that fosters the humanitarian aspect of a legal career. Every clinic and Pro Bono program is led by students and professors who are passionate about these causes. That kind of passion is a big part of the culture here at Wake Forest Law and a major part of the reason I chose to attend.

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