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Applied Legal Theory (Law in Action)

Our Applied Legal Theory (Law in Action) Program is designed to give you a variety of hands-on experiences and skills that will prepare you for the practice of law. This includes expanding curricular opportunities for learning the law in a real world context. In addition to our clinics, we offer capstone courses (upper level courses typically taught through the use of actual or simulated cases) and other skills courses, such as Negotiation and Business Drafting, that emphasize practical lawyering skills. Our metropolitan externships in Washington, D.C., and Charlotte, allow selected students to work as interns in government agencies, non-profit organizations and other settings during the spring and summer while taking coursework under the direction of the program supervisor.

The Law in Action Program also creates opportunities for you to participate in pro bono legal efforts in throughout the Winston-Salem community. We encourage you to become a true “citizen lawyers” who will graduate with the goal of “doing well while doing good.” Finally, the Law in Action Program offers regular workshops, seminars and lectures focusing on professionalism. These programs help you develop essential professional skills, such as networking, proper client communication, business etiquette and civility, among others.