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Overall, the Wake Forest curriculum prepares you to work in any jurisdiction of the United States and abroad. Whether your interest lies in becoming an associate in a law firm, a prosecutor, general counsel for a Fortune 500 company, or an entertainment lawyer, our curriculum allows you to choose your path.

Your first year

We lay down the foundation that you will build the rest of your curriculum on. The hazing experience you hear about at other law schools isn’t part of the Wake Forest experience. With your first-year section of 40 students, you’ll have a ready peer group that fosters close relationships with each other and your professors.

Your second and third year

Wake Forest takes a liberal arts approach by allowing you to design the curriculum that will prepare you for the career of your choice. You will choose most of your classes from a wide array of traditional courses, live-client clinical experiences, externships and practical skills courses, among others.

Practice what you learn

We are committed to helping you practice what you learn. Through several outstanding programs – some curricular, some extracurricular, and some co-curricular – you’ll work, argue, research, write, and practice, often while helping citizens in need. Our approach tightly integrates study, practice, and experience, and it develops excellent lawyers.